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Potential Ambassadores in US - specify city in message

 Looking for other potential/actual ambassadors in San Diego, California.

I am in Orlando/FL

I'm in the Boston area. 

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I'm in the Boston area too! 

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I'm an Ambassador (in-training) in DC. Email:

I am an Ambassador in training in Athens, GA.

I am in Athens, GA.

I'm in the Ambassador training and in Poughkeepsie, NY. 

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Hey Sean, I'm also in upstate NY and planning to facilitate my first workshop soon. Please email me ( if you want to join with me or chat.

South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

Beaverton, Oregon suburb of Portland

Looking for partners in the local area

Hi Richard, I am in Portland and would be interested to get together. email me at 

I am in Central New Jersey

Thank you everyone for posting here. 

We've created a new forum that will hopefully allow you to find each other more easily.  Please go here and post your name again.  Sorry - there isn't a way for us to move your posts.

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