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Potential Ambassadores in US - specify city in message

 Looking for other potential/actual ambassadors in San Diego, California.

I'm in the Boston area. 

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I'm in the Boston area too! 

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I'm in the Ambassador training and in Poughkeepsie, NY. 

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Hi Richard, I am in Portland and would be interested to get together. email me at 

I am in Central New Jersey

I am in Orlando/FL

I am in Athens, GA.

I am an Ambassador in training in Athens, GA.

South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

I'm an Ambassador (in-training) in DC. Email:

Hey Sean, I'm also in upstate NY and planning to facilitate my first workshop soon. Please email me ( if you want to join with me or chat.

Thank you everyone for posting here. 

We've created a new forum that will hopefully allow you to find each other more easily.  Please go here and post your name again.  Sorry - there isn't a way for us to move your posts.

I am an ambassador in Russellville, Arkansas. I can do a Zoom workshop. 

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