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US - New England

I'm in the Boston, MA area.  others?

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Yes! Boston also.

I am in CT.

I am in Connecticut, New Haven area.  Work for Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Education and Outreach through the state parks.

I'm in Poughkeepsie, NY - technically not New England, but the CT border is only 40 minutes away. 

I'm in the Boston area also-- specifically Newton.

I was waiting for to host an event so I could advertise something for others to attend, but maybe it makes sense to just find a date/time/place to meet.  I could get a room at MIT or a public library  or a cafe, depending on the time of day we'd like to meet.  Would anyone like to in the Boston area in February?  Or, is anyone about to host an Climate Action Summit that we can all attend and support?

Great idea Travis. Seems we have quite few folks in the area!  A meetup after Feb 19 would be good for me.

I have a couple of Climate Action Summits lining up in March and April. I think have co-facilitators set, but happy to have a few other supporters in the room too.  Details to come.

I am in Needham, MA and teach at Bentley University in Waltham MA.  I will be running both the World Climate Simulation and either the Climate Solutions Workshop or Simulation in my two classes toward the end of the semester.  I would love to observe the Climate Solutions Workshop or Simulation implementation.

I would also be interested in coming to a meeting of those of us in the Boston area who are interested in running En-ROADS.  Happy to come to MIT.

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Hi again.  I just became certified as Climate Ambassador!  We have a Climate Simulation Workshop taking place here in CT at the Kellogg Environmental Center, Derby CT  March 20, 2020.  If anyone would like to attend and participate or help just contact me. 

I am a Climate Ambassador in the Boston area.  Please let me know if you are planning an event!  I would love to support others.

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Hi New England folk! How about an online video meetup next week, Wed 3/18 noon - 1pm?  Please reply yes / no.

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Yes!  Would love to join a video meetup.

I would love to participate in a video meeting but I have a conflict with 3/18 at noon.

Actually, how about a Doodle poll with several options next week?  Please fill out by EOD Friday.

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