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US - Southeast

Please post here if you're in the Southeast.

I am in Athens, GA !!  Laura Iyer -!

New Orleans, La!  (Northshore more specifically)

Hi, I am in Asheville, NC.

Hi, I am in ATL, GA   Would any one like to pair up for an event in ATL at which I would try to attract mostly young tech workers at a popular co-working space?

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Let me know when you are doing this and I would be willing to help depending on the day.  I am in Athens, GA.    Laura

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Hi John.  I might be interested.  I emailed you.  :  )

Thanks Susan and Laura.  Susan, just responded in email.   Laura, I will reach out to you via gmail.   

I am in Russellville Arkansas. I am doing an online workshop for the Arkansas Master Naturalists this weekend, Saturday, March 28th. Hope you all are safe and well.   

I am in the RTP area of North Carolina and am interested.

Hi, I am in San Antonio, TX

Hello Rmontemayor, how is San Antonio this time of year? So far, not too bad in Central AR.   

I am in Greensboro, North Carolina

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