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How to connect with other educators

Many educators have been reaching out to us with their plans to use En-ROADS in their courses in the coming year. With the transition to remote learning in many classrooms, the ability to hold the En-ROADS Workshop and Climate Action Simulation online is a great opportunity to engage students in critical thinking about climate change. 

This forum is a resource for you to ask questions, share resources, and create collaboration between classrooms and institutions. You can post here with your experiences using En-ROADS, your successes and challenges, and learning plans you have developed around this material. 

You can also connect with other educators who might be able to co-facilitate an En-ROADS workshop with you, especially if you're still doing the training yourself. Then, "pay it forward" and help someone else!

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I am planning on using the World Climate simulation and En-ROADS in the last class of my course, "Climate Change and Development."  The course will be online.  Any suggestions about running the whole simulation online?  

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