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Methane release from Arctic permafrost melting

Someone just pointed out this video (60 minutes Australia) about the problem of Methane released from melting arctic permafrost. Just curious if EN-ROADS accounts for this?  I suspect so but didn't notice anything specifically in the info on Methane.


Hi Kendra,

It does seem to be in there. You can adjust the En-ROADS sensitivity to permafrost methane in the model assumptions - upper right menu, Simulation > Assumptions > Climate system sensitivities, the last two sliders. Default setting is that permafrost starts releasing methane above 1C warming - that is, it's happening now.

Thank you!!

Oops, "upper right menu" should be "upper left menu"

Actually, a follow-up question on this. The setting "Effect of temperature on methane emissions from permafrost and clathrates" has a default value of 0, defined as" "no temperature feedback and thus no additional release."   Does this mean that the model assumes no feedback loop, where more methane means higher temperature which in turn means even more methane released?  

Hi Kendra, Good question. Currently we do not include feedback loops from methane release from permafrost in the model due to the uncertainty around this. You can read more about this here:

Thanks, Janet

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