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The Biden Climate Change Plan

Can someone or group of people look at Biden's Climate Change Plan and translate it into En-Roads? I understand that En-Roads is looking at global actions and Biden's plan is only based in the US. But it would be extremely useful to understand its effectiveness, if it was used globally. Any takers? 

I would love to have this information by August 27, the date for a climate change event I am hosting for Sister District.  

the problem of the officially published Biden's plan (April 2021) is shortly explained here by me:

My paper at

I am one of the data-driven thinkers. I don't think your models take the doability into account.

I sent an email to Yasmeen today with an offer to cooperate with you. I can imagine how to tune those models to take into account the most important thing - the doability of the proposed plan. Because only the plans that can be carried out are real.

Same for the Chinese plan.

This is my last complex and the big picture for the problem with the doaibility:

Great work of!

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