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Building & Industry Retrofitting

Why does no change occur to emissions when the "rate of building and industry retrofitting" lever is moved? Even when a 20% rate is entered, the impact is zero.

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Have you changed the main "Buildings and industry energy efficiency" slider to a non-default value?  If not, the retrofitting slider says you'll replace building systems (e.g., HVAC) earlier than physically needed, but you'll be doing it with the same technology as the normal.  So there isn't a real change.   It could be argued that replacing a 30yo system to today's default standards would yield a savings too, but I think we currently have retrofitting set up to only be active if the main building efficiency slider is active.

Btw, if using the Share Scenario button and choosing the Copy Scenario Link (last item) is really handy if you have specific settings that aren't working like you expect.  Example:


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