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Suggestions for zoom workshop for 50+ Chamber of Commerce businesses

I am doing a zoom workshop for a Chamber of Commerce, estimating 40 - 80 participants.

I have co-hosts lined up to monitor chat, etc.  Also have an expert in impact of carbon pricing on small/medium businesses available to answer those kinds of questions.

If anyone has experience with this type, size audience - your suggestions are welcome.

Meg Haight


Sounds like you're in pretty good shape!  

Several of my preparations include:

1.  Try to anticipate questions that might arise so you have the answers - do you know a small business owner to preview the simulator with?

2. Practice bringing up the different graphs you like to use.

3. Review the detail sliders and additional information for the actions you feel least secure with.

4.  As you prepare for the workshop, consider when you will bring up the concepts and examples of multi-solving, co-benefits, equity concerns, and maybe rebounding.    When I facilitate a workshop, I tie these concepts to sliders and when the participants have me move the particular slider - after addressing the direct impact - I discuss the other concepts. 

For example, I find that increasing the renewables and carbon pricing sliders provide me with the opportunities to bring up air pollution and energy cost which help me address the other issues.  There may be other times where you would want to talk about them, but regardless of what cue you choose, I recommend that you plan ahead to have one so that you don't miss the opportunity to discuss these consequences of our actions.  

I hope this helps.  Best of luck! 

Thank you for these good suggestions and taking the time to write.  Much appreciated.

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