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 I have a "limits to Growth" World3 simulator running, but the pollution dynamics are general.  I would like to incorporate a better CO2 model into it.

I am also adding a cliodynamics aspect to it.



Thanks for writing.  What kind of use is the new model for?  Are you  in a business or academia or personal use, for instance?   Are you using Vensim already?

We'd love to help and hopefully we can find an arrangement to share our carbon cycle with you.


Hi Travis

I am using InsightMaker for simulation because Vensim does not support Linux.

I have the "Limits t Growth" world3 simulation working, but the pollution dynamics are too general for simulating climate change. Due to the avalanche effect of climate change, the world3 would be much less accurate. 

for example Arable land has only erosion and industrial/human use flows out. I think there should be a climate change flow out also, farm land loss due to climate change. I don't need the controls that are available in en-roads.

Here is my simulation

I am retired engineer looking to teach at a university. This is a personal project until I get a teaching job.

CO2 causing ocean acidification will cause sea food reduction, and maybe a collapse.

These are just some of the questions I have that your carbon cycle could help answer.


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